Welcome to Block HQ Mallorca CrossFit Strength Conditioning HIIT Fitness Camp

Located on the sunny Mallorca, on the Balearic Islands, “Block HQ & Vamos CrossFit” is ideally situated. Imagine sipping on a delicious tropical refreshment poolside, or trekking alongside breath-taking island cliff tops, to then be swept away onto training mats, engrossed in achieving your fitness goals.

Block HQ & Vamos CrossFit Mallorca – Unique facility in Europe :

CrossFit Strength Conditioning & HIIT trainings in a bootcamp styled crossfit box in Mallorca

Block HQ & Vamos CrossFit Mallorca is a custom designed facility that focuses on enhancing an individual’s fitness capacity. Using self-programmed and inventive means of training, we cater to all fitness levels. In addition to this, we are the first fitness facility of its kind in Mallorca!

Block HQ is also home to Vamos CrossFit – CrossFit affiliated box, offering you various scientifically proven methods to test yourself at the same place.

We provide a formula which entails first-class trainings, fully-qualified coaches, and state of the art equipment. You are sure to take your body to the next level in our fun and safe environment.

Whether your goal is to compete at an event, lose weight, get ‘shredded’, take your fitness to a whole new level, or just to enjoy working out amongst a great group of like-minded people, you’ll get everything you need in one place, and that’s at Block HQ & Vamos CrossFit Mallorca!


Fitness Holidays Mallorca, Crossfit Holidays Mallorca and Body transformation Mallorca, you name it … Our paradise island is becoming The destination for Fitness holiday Europe !

Block HQ & Vamos CrossFit Mallorca have partnered with some major Touristic Actors in Mallorca and generally in Europe to offer the best combination possible for CrossFit Holidays that you will never forget : Fitness Holidays of the next level!

One of our partners, a touroperator, builds your fitness packages which include the best hotels at the very best prices, our home trainings in our bootcamp crossfit box and many different and various options that you can directly consult with us.

Our team, composed of people coming from various domains to ensure you get only the best, works on cutting the number of different players so that it benefits your budget!

Visit our dedicated Fitness Holiday page for more info

Two words that best describe our classes :

Fitness Mallorca

At Block HQ & Vamos CrossFit Mallorca, we provide you an innovative experience you cannot find anywhere else in Europe. All classes that we coach have an underlining purpose and will be scientifically supported to ensure you understand why we are doing it and that you will improve in those dedicated areas.

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Strength and Conditioning classes at Block HQ & Vamos CrossFit Mallorca are scientifically proven to achieve an adaptation in the individual’s capacity whether it’s their power output, maximum strength or agility. All classes at Block HQ & Vamos CrossFit are programmed throughout the week to provide you with that all round athletic experience/results.

Classes:  Athleticism, Green Mile, Foundations, Señoritas

CrossFit Europe


At Block HQ Mallorca, High Intensity Interval Training is taken to the next level ensuring maximum weight loss gains, and increasing your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The classes we run are unparalleled and we promise to have you in the hurt locker at the end. Applying lighter weights and mixture of training theories, we guarantee a rapid body transformation.

Classes:  D-Day, Terminator, Lone Survivor

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Our specific weight loss classes are ‘next level’. All programmed differently based on scientific knowledge. We run numerous classes per day, and classes NEVER repeat, all having a difference in emphasis with the end goal speeding up the process of fat loss. Visiting our classes is the easy and fun way to get to your goal in an amazing atmosphere.

Classes:  Typhoon, Avalanche, Rock’n’Rolla, Evolve…

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At Block HQ we think that providing something a little special is the least you all deserve, so you can see on the schedule we have classes called ‘Outdoor’ or ‘Wild Card’. Now these are the classes that’ll be programmed individually by the coach who is taking that particular session and it can range from running to swimming to cycling and so on.

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All coaches at Block HQ are available for private tuition. This could either be in preparation for an event, a weakness that needs to be rectified or simply just looking to work one to one with a coach. Our coaches have worked with elite athletes from all over the world, and will provide you a highly professional approach to finding your solutions.



At Block HQ & Vamos CrossFit Mallorca we find it vital to be able to provide a service that all can afford, as we feel everyone should be able to experience it. We provide numerous avenues of memberships and packages and in addition to that, we have a drop in option which means you're not tied down to any contract!



Block HQ & Vamos CrossFit Mallorca invites everyone down of all abilities, shapes and sizes. Don't worry, we don’t expect you to enter at elite level so we can regress and progress everything! We are that confident you will enjoy your time with us that if you feel un-satisfied at the end of your class we will provide you with a FULL refund on the spot!